Tuesday, October 25, 2005

maybe electronic music is what I should be doing (?)

So I have taken some assessments of the type one takes when being 'outsourced'. I have taken something called a "Birkman" evaluation. You answer a bunch of questions, and it tells you something interesting (or not). Sometimes, these can be the types of things that when you answer it is clear what the questions are driving at, sometimes (as in this one) it is not clear at all.

It is a very good evaluation, it's one of these that surprises you with it's accuracy, everyone else in the seminar seemed to agree with it's accuracy.

My results indicate that I share an affinity for success (that is, my answers were similar to a sample group that was successful) in a) musical areas and b)science. So, like somebody who would use a computer to make music. Ah Ha!

now, that is interesting. True, it is unlikely the sample group included Crystal Method... and of course a real trick is to make some *money*... :) but if you ever have a chance to take one of these evaluations I would recommend it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some sad things this week...

I have been laid off from my day job.

My dog, a dalmation, is dying. He has stopped eating, and apparently has a liver disease: the whites of his eyes are yellow (jaundiced).

Maybe I will start selling CDs out of the trunk of my car.

Monday, October 17, 2005

see, I told you

there is no WAY those two posts where 1/2 hour apart. Something big was decided in that last meeting, I feel sure.


...random musing...

It seemed it used to be I had a lot of time. I'm wondering if as you get older, you basically get retarded. You think you are moving fast, thinking fast, but really, you are moving through jello. So it's really taking you much longer to everything, and therefore you don't have any time. I look at the clock, do some stuff, look again, and it is much more time that I would've thought. Maybe, MAYbe, I'm being abducted by aliens for those brief periods-- beamed up, for high level meetings: they need my input, my expertise. But, not permitted to remember the goings on (terrestrial civilization would become unhinged), I am restored to my previous thought-state, unaware of what transpired. And so I have less time.

Yeh, that's it.

A podcast for you to check out...

The MWS Media podcast is one of the first I came across, founded and run by the DIY music stalwart Matthew Wayne Selznick. He has a truly eclectic mix of contributors, and he's been able to keep it going for a year-- this anniversary podcast is an extended show, 75 minutes, but it is a pleasant listen and whirlwind tour of a range of artists.

I have a MySpace page and was contacted there by a promotion group, Emergenza. They put on festivals, kind of like a battle of the bands but with bookings. They have a 'signup fee' for this festival (hmm). But they don't do solo artists (at least three musicians required) so I guess they didn't actually *read* what I put on my page. MySpace is kind of fun, kind of surprising (are all those people real?), but there is a bit of sadness/oddness/self-promotion (ha! something you'll not find here :) ) and not always all things working right [don't know if the above link will actually take you to the Utenzil page.