Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poisonous creatures...

I think that it is interesting that there are creatures that have developed venom. It is fairly easy to see how a plant or animal would become poisonous to eat, because the ones that had some poisonous component would get spit out before being completely consumed, and therefore could live to reproduce, whereas less toxic specimens would not. And then you could see why creatures might have more toxic secretions, that would allow them to consume and digest other creatures more easily than creatures that did not, and so they would increase their chances of survival.

But that elaborate mechanisms like scorpion tails and retractable stingers and folding fin spikes and fangs would develop for delivering the poisons, that is kind of freaky, don't you think? That spiders build webs, and then have these elaborate venom delivery devices, that is just really wildly amazing.

I realize this is all sort of sophomoric commentary, but then this is an electronic music blog, what do you expect?

Here is an industrialsurburbodarkrockcore band from here in maryland that you should have a listen to White Shadow.