Friday, July 27, 2012

trying to buy a part for something: online chat with online support

I have edited to anonymize this exchange, which I found poignant

Please wait for a [CompanyName] Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Your average wait is 1 seconds. Thank you for holding.
You are now chatting with [S]. How may I help you?
S: Thank you for choosing [CompanyName]. My name is S. How may I assist you today?
You: i am looking for a part for a portable top loading diswasher.
You: sorry, clothes washer
S: Certainly I will be more than happy to locate and order the part for you, in the meanwhile may I have your name and phone number, please?
You: it is in your catalog with model number 44722
You: that is, in your online catalog.
You: it is item number 02644722000
You: a [brand name] 2.1 cu ft top loading portable washer
S: Thank you for the information.
S: In the meanwhile may I have your name and phone number, please?
You: when i search by model number it does not come up
You: [[my name and phone number]]
S: Hi Mike.
S: How are you doing today?
You: hi
You: it is very hot here
S: Nice to hear that.
S: I'm sorry, I'm unable to locate any appliance from the above provided model number.
S: It seems to be an incorrect or incomplete model number, could you please re-check for me to assist you better?
You: [big honking URL to the exact description of the item on the company's webstore]
You: that is the link to the page on the site
S: I am sorry to inform you that the manual or the web site model number is incomplete.
S: I would recommend you to please provide me the model number directly from the appliance to check and help you order the exact part for your needs.
You: i don't have the appliance, someone has given me the info on the appliance based on what's on your website.
You: you're a bot, aren't you?
S: I am a real person and my name is S.
You: oh, sorry.
You: the item we want to buy is in a store...
You: it is missing a part.
You: if we can find the part, we can buy the item.
You: it is a [brand name] appliance at [store]
You: i have the UPC.
S: Okay, I see the condition.
You: It is the item that is described on the link I sent.
S: I need to have the correct model number, so that we order the correct part.
S: Please have a check with the appliance directly.
You: ok, thanks

ended chat