Monday, July 29, 2013

Blow the dust off the blog, Some realizations

Just a brief note, the previous post had some things quoted and they ended up getting weird background/font colors applied. This was not some kind of auto-redaction applied by Google under order of the NSA or such. As far as I know anyway :).

This is to post something that I posted elsewhere in a discussion on a message board:

" everyone else there are some things the gov't has done here there and everywhere that I don't like. But I have come to the following realization about the world we live in:

You don't hear a great outcry of "it's not fair" from the masses in a way that intends to protect the rights of minority "b" where there's a majority of "a" anywhere else in the world but in the first world.

In most of the rest of the world in any given country it is the primary focus of majority "a" to get minority "b" to either die or go somewhere else, regardless of the label you want to insert for either a or b. In these countries, this condition is not regarded as some kind of inequity or deficiency. It is regarded as the way to be. In many cases, the governments of these countries will pretend it's otherwise in order to get aid money, and there are cases where once they get the aid money they apply it to getting rid of the minority opposition in their country.

So I guess if you look out on that political landscape and you find yourself having to operate in it, there would be a tendency[on the part of the first world] to adopt a viewpoint of  'well, those people are f'ed up no matter how you cut it, so maybe I should use that to my advantage'.

Every single first world country in one way or the other has used developing nations' dismal backwater racist ethnist political tensions to their advantage and reaped big economic benefits."

Now, this is kind of a different thought for me. I like to think of an idea world where everyone in some kind of position of influence is trying to reconcile issues between "majorities" and "minorities". People like music, everyone likes music, so eventually everyone can "sing along", rise above, dream and aspire and so on.

But if you think about it, not only is it not the case, but it is exception: most any country outside of the first world Europe and North America that countries have or are trying to reconcile their internal differences.  Instead, elites among the majority become the "haves" and the rest become "have nots". As long as the majority gets to identify with the "elite haves" they feel like they are haves as well, or at least they have a chance to become so. It works in a similar way with the elities in the minority-- the minority thinks "well, if we can only do this or that we could be there too." And in some cases they do, but most of those cases are in the "first world" where the laws and processes exist for people to invent, patent, create businesses and stay in business without having to pay extortionist bribes

You can be alarmist, or smug, or concerned, or shrug, but you pretty much have to say that is the reality.