Tuesday, June 02, 2009

broken leg... don't know if I mentioned, and other stuff

I broke my leg on the last day in January in 2009. Specifically, I broke my femur just at the hip joint, so it is a broken hip, specifically an "intertrochanteric fracture" thereof.

Intertrochanteric is Greek for "you can't believe how much this hurts, no really". If you want to really know what it means, here you go.

What it requires is that a titanium rod be run into your femur and a large-ish titanium bolt be run into the neck of your femur to hold the rod in place, and the recovery from that hurts a lot, too.

I understand why the elderly people who fall and break a hip are pretty much done for most of the time: it is a devastating injury.

It hurts enough to need some kind of pain medicine most of the time, ibuprofen seems not to work too bad at this point. I just wish it would stop hurting.

OK, more on topic: Downloading the latest version of Arkaos NuVJ software. You would know that if you followed me on Twitter which is what you are supposed to say when you are on Twitter but, like most of life, mainly it is fairly lame most of the time with the brief glimmer of info and humor and interesting stuff now and again.

I noticed that people are actually visiting this blog on purpose, and sorry not to provide more items of interest. The people who used to visit this blog on purpose quite a bit used to be Eastern Bloc comment spammers until the comment bot filter stuff got added, so I guess I really should write more stuff here.

Because of that, here is a link to an MP3 of some bouncey techno of a genre referred to as East Coast Donk:
download it here

As far as I know, I am the world's leading producer of East Coast Donk.

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