Monday, May 12, 2008

New season, so I'll post...

So I will update this neglected blog with some new stuff...

It is spring here in the mid-atlantic region, which means rain, sun, cold rain, some sun, partly cloudy, rain and thunderstorms, sun, rain and isolated thunderstorms, and partly sunny. All the while the lawn grows, and gets partly cut in the brief dry-enough-to-keep-mower-from-clogging spells.

"Isolated thunderstorms" often means "isolated over my house". Fortunately, thus far (and probably right up until I post this and no longer) this has not been the case, but rather isolated over someone else's house, which is preferable.

I am blogging not quite enough, I'm afraid (I had earlier indicated monthly posts would occur, at very least). I think, however, averaged out over the months this blog has been in existence, this might hold true.

People who blog daily are either a) manic or b) not busy enough doing something more worthwhile or c) being paid for it somehow or d) all of the above. Yes, of course I am just jealous, but not much.

I have been working on a new setup involving three laptops, two for music and one for video, and some lighting for portable small-scale performance. I've also been messing around alot with 7/4 time signatures, or more precisely 4/4 beats undeneath 7/4 melodic lines, because there is a kind of moebius effect to the music that is interesting, and I'll do some more of that.

These guys are putting on a contest for people who use Ableton Live 7. It's particularly for Live 7 but you can use the samples in any version, and it sounds fun.

I am feeling kind of tired lately, a fair amount of stress from various quadrants. But, on the other hand, in good health and have some interesting plans, so there you are.

have fun.