Monday, February 26, 2007

goodness... all Utenzil CDs out of stock...

Utenzil has to ship CD Baby more CDs. The good news is that a new CD release will be included in the with this shipment, "Dog's Dinner". It includes some live material. I'm going to be updating the CD Baby pages with better info "liner notes" type stuff for each disc, also.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wandering fool...

There is a tarot card called 'The Fool', which portrays an optimistic young man setting out on a journey. There is an I Ching hexgram called 'the Wanderer' which signifies a perennial stranger, who through perserverance and application of the right kind of wisdom will find a resting place.

My latest foolish web wanderings have led here : to this 'free electricity' site after reading about Hermann Plouson an Estonian who was a scientist in the 'Weimar Republic'.

I have some 'psychohistorical' theories, based on the notion that the energy in a society has properties similar to physical energy in that it cannot be destroyed, just transformed. There is no empirical basis or sound evidence for this other than there seems to be periods of great momentum to human expansion, and a transformation 'stage' between these periods that is characterized by societal co-mingling and cultural sycresy. In addition, it is my theory that upheavals (wars, plagues, catastrophies) have some occult deeper purpose in 'levelling' human culture.

The brief years of the Weimar Republic and the aspirations of that time throughout the world are interesting in that a significant equity in intellectual effort was expended and some advanced technological advancements conceived. For one, it is very unusual that some of the people heavily invested in the German monarchical tradition chose to dismantle it. It is astonishing to me that Gustav Stresemann worked towards establishing a Germany that would have stable political ties with European neighbors and strong economic ties to the US, very similar to the modern Germany. It seems that given a continuation of his policies, that Europe would have evolved largely as it has, away from monarchy, towards democracy and completely avoiding WWII.

What was the 'occult purpose', then, of the interruption of this with Hitler's rise and WWII? It seems such an unnecessarily high price to pay. Some larger worldwide societal 'boil' needing lancing? Horrible horrible.

Here is the thought that is kind of chilling: that there are those societal 'kids in class' that are ahead but misguided-- not having all the information or tools needed. The problems they focus on, they are solving, but these are not the only problems, and if those solved then things get lopsided because the solution for the remainder of the problems is not clear enough and these get forgotten. If they had been solved, then gaps would be created that could not be filled in correctly, or new problems generated that would be too big.

There is no manifest destiny, there is human desire and aspiration and inquiry that flows on, would run deep in some places and shallow in others where it might be needed, so the awful levelling occurs.