Friday, January 04, 2013

Very Important Things, thoughts, "Idle No More"

I've written in my blog about this fellow, Zizek, before. He has criticized, been criticized, analyzed, been analyzed, and seems to have consumed voractious learning as well as dispensed it. It usually takes a lot longer for him to get a point across, and part of this is mainly because to so many audiences he is new so he takes time to frame his context. But first watch the video if you would because it frames the context herein. Also, he is getting to that point of course where he's not quite "avante garde" but just "garde", and so pop-culturally dismissable and because he's pop-culturally dismissable you must pay that much more attention to the short things he formulates.

Because he is a person who is finding his way. Despite being steeped in some of the deepest thinking that the modern world has formulated, he is merely a person finding his way but to me his words beg to be heard.

There is a sort of movement going on, and the movement is called "Idle No More". It is a native American movement, which started in Canada in response to a bill that the current PM there was forcing through. It has resonated with many people because it is a concretization of some of the more cogent and less easily dismissed "conspiracy/truther think" which has become popular on the internet, which has formed a sort of hard "conceptual kernel" that is coloring all manner of things, from movies to TV shows to satirical faux twitter personas.

The conceptual kernel, in a nutshell (harhar) is this: there are people who are in power who want more power, and what they seek is to dispossess everyone they can of something that will add to that power. It might be your time, or labor, or financial equity, or your ability to mount a physical defense, but they will work insidously, patiently and continually to pry it out of your hands.

"They" will do this because it is "their" nature and training. And of course there is always the Pogoism of who they and us is, but the notion here is that this "they" really has a coordinated means to ensure their plans succeed. So there is also the notion of "just because you're irrationally afraid of a wild conspiracy doesn't mean there isn't something like what you're afraid of really going on".

At any rate, because of a great many things, there's been this drumbeat on the internet about the impending Orwellian reality that the world is converging towards, pushed along by the pop apocaplypse.movement and various "weirdo alternative thinking" that is normally on the fringe but has washed into the mainstream.

And the thing is this: suddently, it really isn't all that "weirdo". I mean, some of it really is, lizard people and all that but those things are almost kind of like "props" to facilitate the understanding of the concept, because some of it is really something that, like the dimly seen form emerging from the mist. is about to break into our cognitive space and it is our reflection in our own eyes.

Another "concept in a nutshell" is this: there are "the colonizers" and there are "the indians". The actual racial identity and ethnicity of these is not actually the issue at this point. It describes two modes of human operation. Both modes are human. This is what's hard to swallow, both modes are human. so they are related. The trick is to get them to relate in alignment, and not in opposition, on a true long term path.

It is the matter of each of us finding our way as one human among our relations. It is the matter of our purpose, as I mentioned before, and it helping us to find our way while at the same time it being our way.

It's getting where words fail, but like the Zizek says in this video, it's a matter of thinking, and good thinking, and thinking that sits well, and finding the time and space to think, and just think without worrying about whether the thought will cause doing, because it is not doing that has to happen after the thought, it is expression, real expression, that has a force.

There is a lot of bitterness, people wrapped it up in a cloak or a flag or a fur and they call it purpose but it is really not wholesome purpose, it is the snarling reflex resulting from a previous wounding. At the same time, that bitterness is not necessarily unaligned with that which can convert into clarity and bring about the complete dispersion of bitterness.

It is a Giant Thing, the implications of Idle No More. For my way, I find it very true to listen and think and think well, because it is the time for others to be busy and no longer idle, but we all have to find our ways as each of us among all of us. All of us forever have been grappling with the human condition, and we need some time to really think.