Friday, July 29, 2005

again with the promotional aspect

Again, my promotional ability mostly is non-existent, so looking more objectively at things I've posted and the Utenzil project website I seem to have semi-consciously decided that the way to compensate for this is to sound crass: "available now!" "new!" which is really pretty silly because, of course, hardly anyone is paying attention anyway.

So I've got these CDs out, I like to listen to them, especially in the car. Other people that have heard them have commented generally favorably or said 'meh, not what I like to listen to', more an indictment of the genre than the instance thereof.

I'd like to send these CDs all over, and there is a very interesting nuance to all of this: seems like some indice musician advice sets you up to try to somehow 'invent' an image as an underground sensation. Utenzil isn't exactly 'club music', it's kind of interesting. Lots of people are giving out free music via MP3, and I will post free MP3S from time to time on the Utenzil project website but... here's the thing...

320kbps MP3s don't sound as good as the CDs, and the 44.1/16bit CDs don't sound as good as what comes straight out of the computer. I really want to find a pleasant place that will have some traffic to play out live for more than "open mic spans of time".

so what to do... what to do...

Also, I'm distributing the CD directly, doing what I'm calling the "webinfo" version of the release. The idea is you get the latest releases for the least amount of money, where the liner notes and artwork are available online. There is some info and art on the disc, but I find that once the CD gets put into the multi disc holder, most of my CD cases get broken or lost. Putting together the artwork is fun, and I like it. Setting it up to get printed out is less fun, and if that's only so it can go into a plastic case that will get broken or lost, then that's wasteful on a several different levels.

I've been through this before in this blog-- even buying the CDs in small lots at retail levels, they cost less than a dollar. Similarly, slimline jewel cases can be had for less than a quarter each. The ink to print on the CD costs some money. There is the time to print, "handling" and shipping. There is the price of the music itself, which is kind of set by the market. But even given single lots, it's worth it to sell the CD including the price of shipping for under $10, to do small lots if you are not printing artwork, and mail them yourself, accepting payment via PayPal. Which is what I'm now doing on the Utenzil project website.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Second Utenzil CD release now for sale...

Building the Wheel Called Electricity is now available for sale on CDBaby!

If I sell any of these first CDs, I will basically not make anything money, because once again they are limited edition. Thus far, I have released two, sold some (exact numbers a huge secret) but I have made no money! None! so I feel like a real artist.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

BWCE being processed at CDBaby

Received the email from CDBaby notifying you that they the initial discs for the new release and it's 'being processed': cover art being scanned in for the webpage, placed in inventory and digitized for the OMDs. There is some relief in knowing they have it, some happiness, and some enthusiasm gets generated as a result.

My next open mic will be on July 18 at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. My plan is to "press" (burn? dupe?) a heretofore unreleased single and give it out to anyone interested at the gig.