Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I think Ukraine should do now.

The logistics involved in making Crimea part of Russia are not insignificant. Russia will require the cooperation of Ukraine, and it will take a long time to accomplish.

In the meantime, there will be all sorts of sponsored subversion of the government as it attempts to get things on the right path. So, the government should pre-empt the subversion: announce it will accept petitions calling for referendum in each Eastern Province that shares a border with Russia. The petitions will need to have 100,000 valid Ukrainian citizen signatures.Once the petitions are submitted, then arrangements will be made to hold and schedule these votes in each province, where the ballot is straightforward and not deceptive.

The government should announce strongly, compassionately, that its main interest is that the people of Ukraine puruse liberty and happiness in a brotherly and sisterly environment. If a province thinks they have a better chance of doing this with Russia, then so be it.

If Ukraine is going to move forward, it doesn't need the constant turmoil in the eastern provinces-- this turmoil will be bankrolled by the Putin government. The call for petitions will pre-empt and re-focus the notion of secession as a practical matter. Is this an issue that has been truly burning in people's hearts in the east? Or is it planted there by foreign interference? Establishing a process to determine this will subdue more radical actions that are aimed at supporting Russia's will, and then will allow the government to proceed with removing corruption and setting things right.


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