Saturday, August 25, 2012

Really intense series of dreams

I read a lot of things that are sort of weird and view youtube videos that are a little odd. The reason I do this is because it helps me imagine things and also to remind me that we might know a lot, but what we know might not be enough to paint the well-ordered picture about everything that we end up painting.

Meanwhile, the people who produce these various weird things are a little fanatical about their theories, and the irony is that they come up with these theories by daring to "step outsie of conventional thinking" but then get trapped into some fallacies that they refuse to step out of or modify even when confronted with scientific findings that disprove them.  For some reason, they come up with an hypothesis, and then piece together evidence that proves the hypothesis, while throwing out or ignoring pieces that don't.

Meanwhile, the purveyors of the conventional thinking, the sort of things taught in accredited universities which form the basis for the progress of our civilization in general, might also "spin" that information in order to advance a particular focus or mindset. This sort of practice is accepted, because there's always some room for interpretation, and multiple interpretations often improve the overall picture conveyed by the information, like adjusting the contrast on a TV.

I don't have any facts to add to any discussion about ancient alien visitors or the reasons the pyramids were built the way they are, or how they were built and by whom, but I like finding out about these things because it brings about an appreciation for the abilities of ancient humans.

At any rate, I read these things and think about them, and last night I had a really intense series of dreams. Here is my description as best as I can provide:

At the beginning of the series, I was in a sort of work setting near my home and I was leaving the door of the building. I saw a large number of aircraft heading overhead, of a type that wasn't familiar to me, but it was a very large number and they seemed to be military aircraft or cruise missile type aircraft. People were alarmed, and I seem to have contacted my wife about getting home and we did.

Then, at home, another series of aircraft went over, and these were famliar to me, more like the military aircraft I'm used to seeing, and it was a huge wave of these aircraft. The feeling was that these were going to meet the opposing force. Also, it seemed that the initial wave of aircraft was not hostile, but it was a remainder of a force from another country that had retreated to the US, and it was getting repaired here in the US.

The nature of the conflict wasn't clear, it didn't seem to be directly between the US and another country, but between several countries and some manner of undefined opposition.

After that large wave went over, I recall there was something like a news announcement, that the forces had been defeated.  It seemed to be on some kind of large screen or TV we were all watching, but also over the radio. This was very alarming, nobody knew what would happen next. It still wasn't clear who the "enemy" was, but they were obviously very powerful to defeat such a large force.

At any rate I was making sure that there was a safe place fo myself and my family and several other people I felt were friendly but can't name offhand.  At that point a new type of announcement started coming, but it was different, as if a different technology was being used to communicate. It calmly described that what had happened is that an extraterrestrial expedition had been opposed by terrestrial forces, and those forces were neutralized in a way that caused their equipment to stop functioning.

The reason for the expedition had been misinterpreted as hostile, when their mission was very important: they had come to evacuate Earth. This information was conveyed in a very convincing way, as if there was some technology that not only provided the information but invoked the emotional calm and acceptance of it. All of the instructions were very clear, there would be assignments to ships that would carry peoiple, and the started to broadcast assignments of people to ships, with the names of the ships being indicated.

All the ships stared with the letters "Oe" which was kind of interesting, but I can't remember the full names of any of them. It was an amazing amount of data to broadcast, because it would require a huge number of assignment to be made, but the lists were conveyed locally as if to the screen that a group was watching, so the assignments referreed to the people in that group.

At that point it seemed like my "character" changed, I wasn't myself, but I was someone else, and I was worried that I wouldn't be assigned to a ship, but then I was and I was happy. This person was a little selfish, they didn't really care about who else was assigned or not.

Then I was back as "myself" and an assignment had not yet been provided for me. At that point, I saw a large "zeppelin-like" airship appear from a very high altitude. It started getting larger and larger, and I saw that it was really gigantic, it was elongated and rounded at either end, with one end more tapered, like a zeppelin, but without the "ribs" that a rigid airship would have. .

I walked up with my hands in the air, sort of motioning this thing to stop, to see if it would have any effect, and surprisinly it did. It started to slow down and dip the front end towards me. The movements were gliding, like a lighter than air craft, but the fuselage was perfectly smooth, there were no motors or guiding fins that I could see.

As the front dipped down it had a protuberance on the front that extended towards me, like a flexible tube. As it got closer, the perception of distance seemed to "contract" and it was like the tube was getting closer but I was also moving closer to the tube. There was a brief communication, it was like a decision was been made or being requested, and then a kind of star-burst pattern appeared at the base of the tube, a very intricate pattern that provided some kind of test for me to take. I found the pattern very pleasing but I had some comments on why I thought it was not quite perfect, and that seemed to be the test: I was conveyed directly into the ship.

I remember very clearly what happened when I was inside the ship, there was no experiments or any interbreeding or that kind of scifi movie stuff, but it is less germaine to the story line and this is already a long post. Suffice to say that at the point I was taken on the ship both myself and the inhabitants were very contented, and they relayed some important things that I needed to do.

Now, this was a dream so all kinds of dreamlike imagery was in play, and the ship sort of "dropped me off" (although they mentioned that the technique used was more of a "winking in") to a depor where various specialized ships were being prepared, and I needed to make sure that these ships got off safely and that they were being loaded correctly. So I was to be involved as part of the team making the assignments for these ships, and they were important because they were like school busses. And they were, they were like colorful school busses without wheels, the aliens had dsigned them this way so as to avoid alarming the children that they'd be carrying. When a school bus "pulled away", it flew up then out of sight. One after the other, the busses flew away on sort of an arcing pattern, one after the other.

Once all the busses were away, the first phase of the evacuation was complete, and then the expedition could begin to move out.

All along I was kind of plugged in to this "higher consciousness" and I got the impression there was a lot of other information conveyed, but it was very fast and very encoded. I kind of recognized this, that when I woke up I'd be disconnected. There were two pieces of guidance, one was to "keep my thoughts still" and the other was kind of  "it is farther along and will happen sooner than you think".

Very wild dream, Some cool visuals, but it was rapid fire, sort of glimpses of things rather than memorable vistas like some dreams have.


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