Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Utenzil Logo

The Utenzil Logo, and its cryptic meanings:

I had a t-shirt contest some years ago, where the winning designs would go in my Cafepress shop.
The winner would also get a free shirt with their design on it.

The designer who came up with variations of the black and white design in the center was the winner.

The winning designer actually put some thought into the approach, by using the shape of my custom midi controller as the motif-- here a picture of me playing it:
So that is the reason for the pattern in the center. More on it's significance later.

The logo contains that pattern, and the rest is a "frame" around the pattern.

The squares of color around the edge, white (the black right angle demarks this square), yellow, blue, red refer to the races of man, borrowing from Native American color symbology, and the set contains the primary colors as well as white the combination of all colors. This is indicative of Utenzil's worldwide appeal and musical influences, you see.

The pattern formed by the squares also implies a bold cross in the middle of the square. This is intentional, it is the cross of the NSK state.  This represents my inspiration by and sublime bemusement with the concepts of the Neue Slowenische Kunst, a group of artists whose insight, bravery, creativity, cleverness and wit is very admirable, the key concept being to strip the meaning away from an aesthetic and re-apply that aesthetic in a way where the echo of the original, historic meaning becomes a statement about the current reality, causing that reality to vibrate and shatter when faced with it's own ridiculousness. Can I imagine being this clever while in the clutches of totalitarianism? Maybe. Could I be? I have to doubt it, but I would like to think I'd try to be.

Also, I'm Christian and as mentioned earlier I get inspiration from that, so that is the meaning of the cross.

It is a simple design with some complexity, but a balance. It's square, but the central pattern implies a circle. I will show you one thing about that:

This is the pattern that results when we circle each of the repeated "guitron shapes" in a way where alternating circles touch first the smaller neck, then the longer. Then we trace around the entire center motif  where the circle touches the outmost tips of the necks (my tracing is inexact for lack of the precise software to do that, but close enough to convey the concept).

The result is an oblique view of the beginnings of a sacred geometry known as the Flower of Life, so it is an allusion thereto, and also to three dimensionality, and there are various other ways to draw circles within the logo that result in this allusion.

The pattern in the center is derived from this, this shape repeated four times, with eight "necks" or arms. 4x8= 32, 4+8 = 12, 32+12=44, 4+4 =8: numerosymbolically,  it is a circle and a square.

The word "utenzil" is case normalized. In ASCII,
u=117, t=116, e=101, n=110, z=122, i=105, l=108

drop the leading 100 that they all share, we get

17,16,01,10,22,05,08 added = 79, 7+9=16, or 2x8, 1+6 = 7

8,7,1,1,4,5,8 added = 34, 3+4 = 7

so these letters are harmonically numerosymbologically balanced with regard to computer values

Moreover, if we take the letter values given their order in the alphabet,

21,20,5,14,26,9,10 added = 105, 1+5 = 6

3,2,5,5,8,9,1 added = 33, 3+3 = 6

they are hamornically numerosymbologically balanced also with regard to human values.

Now, taking first the odd numbers then the even from the reduced "human alphaordinal-based sequence", we'll assign musical values from a 12 tone scale based on number of semitones, starting from any note

3,5,8,1  minor third,fourth, aug fifth, then include the starting note (assign to right hand on the piano)

2,5,9 second, fourth,major sixth (assign to left hand on the piano)

Played together, these notes will sound like crap, which is what most of the post after the point I start doing the number stuff is.

And there we have it. May peace, joy and deep indwelling love be yours.


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