Monday, April 19, 2010

Ok, more disasterthinkscare

YU55 stayed at 1 for a while, but now is back to zero, so pretty much as expected there.

And of course this volcano, Eyjafjöll, here is my doomsday scenario based on this:

Phase One of the eruption is complete. The glacier surrounding the mountain has been largely melted away, and the ash generated as a result of the mixture of the magma and ice will have died down. However, the magma pressure continues. In Phase Two, the magma rises, it will push up further into the cone, and into any channels that may stretch away from the volcano's core, which will include channels that connect with Katla, the much larger volcano to the east, and that would be Phase Three.

This seems very likely, because 100% of all recorded Eyjafjöll eruptions have been followed by Katla eruptions.

This would be much more disruptive than Eyjafjöll, especially for Iceland in comparison, the amount of flooding from the melting of the glacier around Katla would be immense-- not that the flooding from Eyjafjöll was insignficant, but damage was controlled.

Something interesting is the eerie 'face' of the one volcano, imaged with radar satellite prior to the eruption as seen here. The one smaller eye, and the larger, the "mouth" distended, almost anguished. This is none other than the face of Baldr, at the time of Loki's ultimately most cruel joke. I wonder if Katla's radar face is Höðr, Baldr's blind brother, or is it Odin's enraged expression at the time of Baldr's murder?

I wonder if I shouldn't get to bed?