Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love dreams, really vivid dreams whose imagery stays with you for years. For one, they make me feel so smart, that all of that could be produced in my head.

I have dreams about crossing a bridge. I have dreamt several times about crossing a bridge, there is always an obstacle to get across the bridge, and there is always a very really feeling of fear, urgency and anxiety about crossing the bridge.

I have gotten across the bridge a couple of times, and it is always interesting on the other side, but oddly, it also always seems like I want to get back to the side I started on.

Sometimes the bridge is frighteningly high, it goes up up up in an impossible arch, but I have to cross it. This is the scary part, that it is such a high bridge. Or, it is a very busy bridge. Or, it is a very busy and poorly marked bridge, and I have to get off at just the right exit without slowing down.

It seems like there should be a very reasonable explanation for what the bridge means, a bunch come to mind: bringing two sides together, making a transition from one thing to another, making a change-- a change that involves some difficulty and some strictures.

I really love my dreams.