Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How to Save New Orleans?

Bring caissons across Lake Ponchartrain, set them into the gap side by side as close as possible, sink them and fill the gaps in between.

I heard an Army Corp of Engineers spokesman on C-SPAN radio this morning. Some interesting things-- moving large things (like heavy sandbags) is difficult because the drawbridges are in the down position cannot be raised because they don't have electricity. This doesn't make sense to me, hook up some generators and raise them.

Also, they stated that it was decided "for a number of reasons" that the levees were designed to withstand a Category 3 hurricane, not a 4 or 5, as this one was. How... silly.

my thoughts about N.O. and Katrina

They should bring people out via boat through Lake Ponchartrain. There is a drawbridge they need to raise up for this, saw it on the news.

At that point, I'm wondering if caissons or large cylindrical structures could be brought in, stood end up side to send to set into the breach in the lake's levee, then fill these to weigh them down, fill the gaps between with sandbags.

Friday, August 19, 2005

BWCE now on iTunes

If you have iTunes, click to see Utenzil's second album on iTunes.

For some reason, the soundclips aren't as nice on iTunes as I think they might be-- listening to the "hi-fi broadband" play all songs on CDBaby gives a much better impression, more like how the disc sounds and much more comparable to the clips accompanying the 'label offerings' on iTunes.

If you have iTunes and you are on broadband, see for yourself:

deep niner on CDBaby
deep niner on iTunes

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

if you are reading this blog, you are among the elite.

That's not to say "nobody reads this blog". Oh no, not at all. That is not to say that, at all. To say that "nobody reads this blog" would mean that you, dear reader, are "nobody" and that is a vile and foul assertion if ever there was one, because you know that you are the cat's pajamas, you are where it's at, the real deal: yes indeedy-- I don't have to tell you that, and of course you should not let anyone tell you otherwise.

So you either came across this by serendipitous happenstance, or because you are interested in electronic music: but either way you are in the elite, the vanguard.

Played last nite at Jammin Java. The audience is broad. The music is mostly original, 'coffeehouse poetry sung to acoustic guitar' with your occasional balladeer/folk/bluegrass/celtic/alt-rock unplugged duo, trio or quartet; so what I do is off the track in comparison, but there are others out of that norm, eclectic solo instrumentalists, violinists, blues harmonica, so it's a nice mix.

Virginia is big on folk, bluegrass and more pure roots country related music, and it's interesting that even if you don't like that kind of music it somehow "resonates" well in Virginia, particularly in the summer. The performers are mostly very good. The acts can be kind of similar, so it's good to have a break with an oddball like Utenzil. The performers that aren't as good are either starting out and kind of likeable-goofy or are 'songwriters that sing' and the audience is very encouraging, comprised of clusters of supporters for the various performers. People say good things to me after I play.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

BWCE distribution rolling, general stuff...

CDBaby is doing that thing they do and a nice page on results. Two minute sound clips are good, so that's nice.

This blog is less a day to day diary and more a "chronicle"... the best way to read it is to start at the start.

Read a funny quote from John Cusack in Time magazine the other day, along the lines of "I blogged once". The interviewere mentions that the idea of blogging is to "write frequently" and he says "Not me, I blog every ten years".

Anything else worth mentioning.... playing an open mic, 8/8, at Jammin Java in Vienna VA. Also, keep promising to send various people some promo copies of the album, but have not yet. NEXT WEEK... i will have time.