Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some more writ(h)ing

A long while ago, now, it somehow became an overriding theme for the media to approach everything as critically and negatively as possible. The reason for this was because the US government had been outright deceiving the voting public about a great many things during the Vietnam War, and this sort of "there is no doubt the government is lying, it is just how much" kind of approach was actually very informative and important. People really learned about the extent to which the government would go in order to ensure the agenda of various interests.

At this point, however, that theme has been run into the ground. It is as if every single person who comes into the public eye must be thoroughly examined and their inevitable seedy agenda exposed. It us as if every positive person has to be deconstructed to the point where their flaws are revealed. In addition, it's like every seemingly positive person that comes into the public eye is also being set up to be revealed as a dark creature indeed.

You have to wonder, is it the notoriety that corrupts the person, that they are pumped up to the braking point by the feeling of power or invincibility? Or is it the pressure of the media attention, that causes them to amplify a shocking dark side in order to get that attention turned off once and for all?

Because anyone who has observed the trajectory of the once-media-darling now discredited stars, televangelists, athletes, coaches, product spokespeople, politicians etc. sees that once that seedy underside is exposed, they disappear to be left alone, mostly in anonymity.

I don't think we are entitled to know as much as were told about these people. We are entitled to know some things in cases where they are asking for donations, making claims about products or processes. If they claim to be particularly moral along the lines of done traditional sense, for example, then they should live up to those claims. But if they don't, then they shouldn't be held to some popular sense of morality.

The astonishing thing is that many of these public figures seem to make claims that they are the exact opposite of who they truly are. It is very strange. Again, is it the notoriety that gives them this sense that they will not be found out?

An even scarier thought is that this can happen to anyone who finds themselves in this position. That some kind of switch gets flipped, and they start testing the limits of the "public eye".

It is just really weird.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

What is going on?


So, some wild shit has gone on. My phone went missing. I have not posted for a long time.

A bunch of bad/weird things. I think some !/+=###//==# has gotten hold of some of credit card info, because some weird crap showed up. My phone got stolen also yes.

But, I continue the word electronic music.

On Sunday nights, every third week, I play music. Mostly to an empty room, it is a restaurant and bar downtown.

I have laboured lo these many years and continue to do so. Someday I will be dead, but that has not occurred.

My thought is today the United States is being dismantled. It is very sad. Long term, the remaining population will be used for medical experimentation under the guise of "battling cancer" and other crap.

The various military equipment is being "recycled", that is, key components ate being removed so these are no longer working. New equipment under construction is being sabotaged, while the actual, viable designs for this new gear are being siphoned off elsewhere.

It is bad. Very bad.

De facto, at this point, the world can be sectioned into three new Orwellian "super blocs" that vie for control, but will never achieve it.  EuroNorAmWestPac, SinoMoscvastan, and IndoAfricaSudAm.

The key insight that brings the mind to th is conclusion is the appropriate de emphasis of the middle east. The middle east is part of IndoAfricaSudAm.l, the "resources bloc".

I am using a cell phone. It has auto complete. I have wished with it, and will no longer struggle worth it. Whatever it spotlights,b is right. It knows Howe typo spell better than I, so why not? App have your way you little protect of ship. This is encoding rust over could only Jupiter for.

So the world is not veering sliced up, and the last Rothschild had been given a taste for ecological woofers. Radiological woofers can only've be found in um spotless areas, where Baroda governments gave preserved there. There are being used as COLLATERAL. This was not supposed to be allowed. Bit, various DiCK heads permitted outit, one in particular.

The north important thing: the Indians, the native nations, become guarantors off the land and it's peoples by haVing signed their treaties worth peoples.  With THOSE peoples, not the banks or anyone else. Do you see? Triad is why so much history has been against three INDIANS, the Native Nations. Because they signed agreements with PEOPLE, not Banks.

So this is why one should escapade t top tribal lands.m, to be close to THE Indians.  My pHone will not allow net typo risk tippy add quicker as I need, doo you must doggie poor the works. The woofers that room am writing can be deCided, and them you will know.

The last hands of poker are being played. Various people have other purple under Control, and them there is a trail to the bank. Each one is anchored in the bank arty the end of the chain.

We don't have good without pull, we don't have pull without the bank. No food, no purple. New legions of purple, stupid people, super stupid, ate being pulled into three places once held by learning, growing people. Went? Because they ate used to serving dictators. Europe is being flooded with stupidites, who will gladly serve whomever butters their bread.

That is all. I am sitting and dying.