Monday, October 17, 2005

A podcast for you to check out...

The MWS Media podcast is one of the first I came across, founded and run by the DIY music stalwart Matthew Wayne Selznick. He has a truly eclectic mix of contributors, and he's been able to keep it going for a year-- this anniversary podcast is an extended show, 75 minutes, but it is a pleasant listen and whirlwind tour of a range of artists.

I have a MySpace page and was contacted there by a promotion group, Emergenza. They put on festivals, kind of like a battle of the bands but with bookings. They have a 'signup fee' for this festival (hmm). But they don't do solo artists (at least three musicians required) so I guess they didn't actually *read* what I put on my page. MySpace is kind of fun, kind of surprising (are all those people real?), but there is a bit of sadness/oddness/self-promotion (ha! something you'll not find here :) ) and not always all things working right [don't know if the above link will actually take you to the Utenzil page.


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