Friday, September 09, 2005

Working with DVDs

I have authored and duplicated some DVDs. I have two apps which I've used, "MyDVD" and "Roxio Media Creator 7.0". The first is rated high by PC Magazine for authoring (less so for other things) and the second is rated as the best all around consumer media app.

However, DVD authoring and coping has proven to be one of the more mysterious and time consuming things I've ever done with a computer. I can author a CD, and burn one copy of it, with MyDVD-- that might take 1/2 hour to burn at 'High Quality' setting. But if I want to make additional copies, that might take, basically, for freaking ever. If I want to copy one disc to another, that might complete, or may never. I can let the machine run all night, and it will never complete. The tech support for the MyDVD app seems to think that an hour, two hours, spent burning a DVD is really quite good. This puzzles me. If I have a DVD drive that says "4x", one would think that one could burn 1 hour of video in 15 minutes. That's the way it works with audio. It does not seem to mean that. It seems to mean "you are an idiot for even contemplating trying to duplicate DVDs". So I got a 16x DVD drive, mounted it in a USB box. 16x seems to mean "Oh, yeh, you're an idiot all right".

These are legit captured from DV camera videos, btw, not trying to rip anything or anything like that. I have spent many many hours, often resulting in a 47% complete progress bar hanging and giving up, tossing the DVD. The good news is, once one of them gets done, it actually plays in a settop DVD player, where I hear some of them won't.

I haven't gone to DVD duping/authoring forums to ask, not yet anyway, but maybe will do that.


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