Monday, September 12, 2005

P5 glove and Rejoice

There is software called Rejoice that converts P5 glove HID into MIDI. It is very easy to get started setting it up, and it helps you practice using the P5 glove.

I'm going to be using this more and more in conjunction with Live 5 and am planning to use to improvise tracks at the Jammin Java open mic I'll be playing on 9/19.

Using this in combination with virtual MIDI cable/yoke software like Loopbe1 MIDI or IPMIDI, the movement of a single finger can be mapped to note and midi CC commands.

The IPMIDI app allows you to send MIDI via UDP over Ethernet or WLAN, so you can wave your hand around and control MIDI devices on a remote computer, which is about as sci-fi music as you can get it.

The funny thing is you can get a P5 Glove for less than $15 at WalMart. It's mainly a Windows thing, although there is experimental software for other platforms.


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