Tuesday, October 25, 2005

maybe electronic music is what I should be doing (?)

So I have taken some assessments of the type one takes when being 'outsourced'. I have taken something called a "Birkman" evaluation. You answer a bunch of questions, and it tells you something interesting (or not). Sometimes, these can be the types of things that when you answer it is clear what the questions are driving at, sometimes (as in this one) it is not clear at all.

It is a very good evaluation, it's one of these that surprises you with it's accuracy, everyone else in the seminar seemed to agree with it's accuracy.

My results indicate that I share an affinity for success (that is, my answers were similar to a sample group that was successful) in a) musical areas and b)science. So, like somebody who would use a computer to make music. Ah Ha!

now, that is interesting. True, it is unlikely the sample group included Crystal Method... and of course a real trick is to make some *money*... :) but if you ever have a chance to take one of these evaluations I would recommend it.


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