Friday, December 08, 2006

youtube, foray, collisions, conclusions...

So I made a brief video of myself playing the MIDI Guitron and put it on youtube. I do not deny that I am somewhat proud of the thing and have had fun playing it, but the idea is not to show off, more to show how it works and how it's played.

I posted a link on the Ableton forum and it was picked up and blogged at analogindustries which categorized me as a variety of "tard". Then, this blog Matrixsynth featured a set of nasty comments from an anonymous poster claiming to be named 'UTENZIL', slamming a plugin-in-progress being provided by Audio Damage, who in turn is associated with the analogindustries blog. So I added a statement to the comment on Matrixsynth.

Criminy, dear readers! My conclusion is that youtube is definitely a way to get exposure, and any buzz is, uh, buzz, but everyone seems to take themselves so seriously.


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