Thursday, November 09, 2006

Working on new DIY album and video...

Putting some tracks together for the third Utenzil CD. Y'know, they call them 'albums' and I see them as that-- snapshots of the current musical state the project. There will be a track captured at a live improvised performance, captured real time home studio improvisations. There will be more 'formed stochastic' on this CD, one maybe two 'formed songs', along the lines of the previous CDs.

Digital sales on iTunes are doing surprisingly well, this is happy. Also, I have abandoned trying to sell my physical CDs at the same price levels as major labels, because I don't need to do that to take a per-item cut that is in excess of what the typical label would give an artist. My goal is to provide a quality DIY CD at a lower cost.

I will be posting a video up somewhere that features a brief improvisiation on my DIY midi controller, the Guitron:

that's all for now...


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