Friday, September 08, 2006

The VALIS collective...

As mentioned earlier, Utenzil played a part of the VALIS collective in Baltimore at the Ottobar. 5 laptops, it sounded great, and there was video projected. The 'stage area' (really an area around a DJ booth) was bathed in a kind of red light. Here is a picture, I am the ghostly image in the background, the twin-necked MIDI Guitron faintly visible. Foreground is Pulsoc, the organizer of the event:

Now, understand utenzil is just looking for places to play. Someone asked me 'what's the scene like?' when I mentioned I was playing there. Utenzil, he really can't tell you until he starts playing there. He can tell you he thinks the people he'll be going to play with are worth listening to. Ol' Utenzil just is happy to have a place to play.

But that night, the scene was lots of people dressed in black t-shirts and jeans, even number of genders, ages looked like anywhere between 21 to 60, with the median around 28. There are two pool tables, which were not in use while we played. Most of the acts booked there are metal/alt/punk, but there is a wide range including hip hop/rap and DJ.

It was a good experience. Some of the sounds, the beats especially, were really great, and it is an honor to play with the collective.


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