Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It was a dark and stormy night...

Played Paloma's on 9/1, remnants of a hurricane moving through Maryland. Driving into Baltimore, bit of sideslipping on the interstate-- rain not too bad, but very strong winds.

I got there, not too many in attendance, that's ok. I went first. Sent went perfectly, had a great time playing. The electrical issues, lack of outlets, had been solved. 'The Last of Us' followed me. His set was going well, he was getting into it, cooking up some nice beats-- blam, the electricity went for blocks around.

But the show went on-- there was some spontaneous group rhythmic vocalizing, candles were lit, a hand drum appeared, some people that could play it (including myself for a little bit) ... it took me back to the band days, and it was very pleasant.

On the way home, my left front tire blewout on the interstate. This made me very sad, had to call a tow truck, delayed by the roadside for about an hour and a half, got cold and wet when pulling things from the trunk, shivered most of the way home.

Valis at the Ottobar on 9/2 was well attended. Five laptop performers, all from Maryland this time. The sound was good, some very good drums, generally well coordinated, not too many hiccups, and the audience seemed inclined to let those off easy. There were people in the crowd that stayed through pretty much the entire three hours. Somebody had picked some very strange visuals to show, not sure I was so down with that, but definitely interesting juxtapositions of elements: very very edgy in places, and very funny in others.

Thinking about -- what would be the perfect electronic music performance night... there were some aspects of that night that were close: people had some great feedback, several really good comments about my Guitron midi controller. I used my Tascam US-122 interface, it worked fine. Ottobar was great to have us. The people who work there are always cool.

It was a challenge that I think was well met by all, it was pretty fun and well attended. But I'm seeing that the 'making the party happen aspect' is not something I'm good at and which does not a big appeal at all for me. And of course, the other side of the equation is the stuffy snooty artsy aspect ... there must be some happy median, I think.


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