Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HEY, not a time for whining...

summer's here, and the time is right, for ee-lec-tur-onic beats...

no more motu issues, it was disk space, I'm convinced, so I was being a whiner.

and, my new midi controller electronics have arrived... this was a saga that I had not intimated to you, dear reader, as it was fraught with peril. It involved feverish dreams, foreign contacts, and ... well, several many kinda dumb questions.. BUT...

the MIDI Guitron has been made nearly reality.

I've wanted a midi instrument with the notes laid out like a guitar. I didn't want a guitar that was fitted with a MIDI pickup, I like when my guitar sounds like a guitar with some extra stuff (like effects and/or triggered synths). But I found that I had trouble playing the melodies I imagined on a keyboard, even though I can come up with some ok melodies on a keyboard with my right hand. But, I want to play melodic lines (including basslines) with just one hand in a guitar layout, because I feel the notes better, and I also wanted a simple way to activate on/off midi, so the small black buttons accomplish that.

The notes on the instrument range from E1 to E8. It is a somewhat wasteful midi instrument, in that many of the note assignments are repeated, but that's the way it is on a guitar/bass. It is double necked, four string, because the six string columns of buttons would be too wide, and because, truth be told, i've always had mental problems with that G to B string thing-- moving up the neck vs. moving across is fine for me. Also, this is by no means to supplant guitar, it is just a way for me to better navigate a wider range of the notes and sounds.

While the concept, for better or worse, is pure Utenzil, the circuitry is designed and built by Midiboutique in Varna. They have done some amazing projects and I was glad to have the opportunity to work with them.

So now I have to encase the electronics, which will take a while to completely complete, so it will be interesting.


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