Friday, June 09, 2006

photo from electro-music 2006

it was an adventure...

photo 2006 (c) Hong Waltzer

Philadelphia is not really that far away. I lived there a long time ago. It is a much different skyline now. It seems much, much larger than Baltimore which I drove by on the way.

I did not leave as early as I would have liked... no, actually, truth be told, I left the time I would have liked, but leaving at that time did not lead to arriving at the event at the optimal time.

The difference between this event (which was as much of a converence/gathering as a series of performances) and other performances is that

  • I had corresponded somehow (forum or email list) with most of the people there
  • There were chairs arranged in rows for everyone to sit in
  • There were just as many or more primarily into hardware synths as into computer-based music
  • Experimental/ambient was heavily represented
  • A significant percentage of people in the audience were far more likely to be into soldering stuff together than in dancing
  • I brought my guitar (which ended up not working very well) and a vocal mic (which did).

    The good parts of the whole experience far outweighed less good parts. I did a bunch of things I do not usually do, ran several smaller sets, gave little verbal descriptions of each, some of which were self-generating/modifying.

    There was an internet stream of the event, even heard some feedback from someohe in Europe (!) who liked my set.

    There were some really amazing performances, accompanied by meshing graphics. Lots of pictures and more on the site

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