Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Interviewed today by the Washington Post Express

Arion Berger from the Washington Post Express interviewed me over the phone today.

She was extremely pleasant. This was very nice, and I learned I am OK at answering questions from interviewers but not very good at leveraging the interview. For example, I didn't mention this blog, I didn't mention the Utenzil website, didn't mention Utenzil is available on iTunes, or the Utenzil merchandise on Cafepress. Didn't mention other people in the group of performers coming up at the Black Cat on May 7th and how they might like to talk with her.

How will I ever be able to afford pimpin' threads, pumpin' systems and thumpin' rides if I cannot pull the commercial/promotional aspect???

[edited this: the part about 'didn't mention other people in the group' is not exactly correct. Of course, I did, because I am quoted as saying "Everyone in this group is really good". But, I did not say 'hey, these seven other people would like to talk to you, too', partly because that would've sounded silly. But, y'know, if there was one person whose picture I would put in the paper as most representing the group, I'd agree it would be mine. NOT. :)]