Thursday, June 22, 2006

MOTU Ultralite issues ... resolved?

Having read more in-depth re: WinXP and IEEE 1394, all of the issues pertain to 1394b not being well supported, there are other patches that relate to removing firewire devices and such, but only the previously mentioned SP2 problem that canl cause problems with slow transfer rate unless the patch is applied.

What seems to have made the most difference is that I have run disk cleanup to get rid of a bunch of crap, including some huge error dumps that I did not know existed . I did not have to de-install any less-used programs, which was my next step(s).

So, now, here's what I see/can say...

With one live mic in, the CueMix DSP and Live running at the same time, 96k where samples buffering setting gives me 6ms latency, sound is good, monitoring is good, 2% CPU idling with input armed for record, couple of other tracks running things brings it up in between 10% and 20% CPU, this is much better. I have not yet pushed it harder, but this is much better than what I was previously seeing. This is much more like what other people have been saying, so I'm feeling a lot better about it.