Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what i am not...

I'm not as young as I used to be.
I'm not a hater.
I'm not contented or happy, but have been happy now and then, but..
I'm not morose or bitter, either, but have been from time to time, and...
I'm pretty sure I'm not Neurotypical
I'm not a rabid sports fan, but I enjoy watching sports.
I'm not negative, even though all these sentences start with "I'm not".
I'm not running a hugely popular blog, but I'm also not bummed that my blog is not hugely popular, because...
I'm not really that big on blogging, the 'blogosphere', blog wars, blog stars, the blahblahblahnessofblogging, although I do enjoy and read them fairly often.
I'm not particularly energetic, but I do have some intense bursts now and again.
I'm not easily impressed, but I am generally non-critical.
Can't say I'm totally down with Hyperrealism but I think it's a good label for some of the things I'm involved with.