Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baltitronic @ Palomas, 7/21/2006

Played a monthly event called Baltitronic at a place called Palomas in Baltimore.

I used my new midi controller, which performed ably. The visuals were cool, being done by one VJ Umbris ("shadow"-- ha ,i like that): two projectors and two laptops, DV camera picking up stage action which was effected/mixed in with computer generated visuals, many of them 3D.

Kind of tired tonight so I won't do a long writeup-- I had a good time, there were people there I knew, and my set was well received. Did a 160bpm jam, with a hard dry kick on the quarter notes, loops for main drums xfaded with microtonic and impulse for incidental perc throughout, livecut and beatrepeat on the drums: exercised as many notes on the Guitron as melodically as I could, those fed into Live and split to a nice guitar patch on the Sytrus VST for the melody and through chord generator, velocity, arpeggiator and scale for the underlayment: basically lashed it out.


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