Monday, June 06, 2005

VST effects, fun (?) with synthedit...

So I've been wanting to be able to do my own VST modules, and downloaded Synthedit. This is something new to me, it's been around a while, and there are other similar things, some of which actually create VSTs and some which are ways to assemble new software effects and instruments from a kit of parts (Max/DSP, Plogue Bidule, Synthmaker, Reaktor) in ways that allow them to interact with VSTs or VST hosts.

I started messing around with this for the first time, and about 5 hours later I've put together a few simple things and one that is actually kind of neat: which I call XYZ Affair for no reason other than it's got a joystick type control and a slider that can change the "plane of sonic assortments" in which the XY joystick type control operates.

So now I have the possibility of building my own plugins, writing more music, finally getting the next CD done (need to get art on a disc in the mail from the west coast, which I will turn around a ship back to the west coast :) ) some gigs-- free, but it's a matter of getting out there, and it is mostly fun even though there is a bit of determination and applied stress.

So lots of things at once.


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