Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Great progress on artwork

ok, so there is this thing about dpi and ppi. To have graphics look good on a webpage is one thing, and to print nicely is of course another. Good news is that I got back some proofs in PDF format and they seemed pretty good. The less good news, but still progress, is that they need to be more densely pixelated to print out nicely. But the templates are all set up, it's a matter of maaaayyybee another week to get this worked out and off to the replicator.

Meanwhile, I've set up a date to play live, in a local park. Sunday, June 19th, 7pm. More info in the "gigs" section of the GB site.

I will be able to use the G-Force graphics engine for visuals having secured permission from them, which is really nice: the graphics are awesome and very customizable.

So this is continued positive progress. I'm hoping to hear from the film folks who were interested in using a track, I'm patient about that, it seems like a really cool thing to have happen.


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