Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some sad things, a brief recap and current situation

I read this and found it very sad about a brilliant 14 year old young man who committed suicide. He had an IQ of 178 and was apparently getting ready to release his own CD, New Age music-- this article has additional detail, but you need to register with to read it.

So I consider-- IQ of 178. Koko the Gorilla is supposed to have an IQ between 70 and 90. "Normal" IQ is considered around 100. You can't help but wonder: did this poor kid came to the intelligent, logical conclusion that he'd be working for monkeys the rest of his life? This world to him must've been like Planet of the Apes.

The brief recap, in a nutshell: Utenzil's next release is coming out soon. I will do the whole thing by 'remote control' this time:

0) Record the music, do my master.
1) Register the disc with CD Baby like last time.
2) Set up the disc art and packaging through DiscMakers.
3) Send the master off to DiscMakers, with instructions to ship to CD Baby.

Also, register the copyright, get a form, send in a little more money. I omitted the description of this step in the chronicle.

Right now, I've got about 50 tracks done in various stages. Some will be abandoned, some will be chosen. It's like American Idol right there on my hard drive. *** oh, that makes me laugh.


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