Sunday, February 20, 2005

wired magazine articles this issue, musical futures, recap checkpoint.

There are some really good articles in Wired Magazine this month, there were some good ones last month also.

Here's the way I see the future of digital music in the next couple of years. DVD will be the more desired medium, because of surround capability and also because the major labels can afford to bundle music and videos. Internet radio and podcasts will have more indie music than they can consume to play, and there will be improved indie offerring due to software and general technology improvements.

The most important thing all around will be wireless broadband. This is where telephone, web, radio, digital media player and TV begin to become indistinguishable when melded together in the device of choice. The majority of people who listen to music in a digital format do not just listen to music: they are walking between classes, driving to work, running or working out, studying or reading, keeping an eye on the kids... there are relatively few people among music listeners who have time to actually sit around and just listen to music. As all the various "convergence" pundits have noted previously, it get tedious to switch between various different devices when one or two at most will do, it is the nature of device in question that will remain to be seen.

So, let's consider briefly what's happened since the beginning of this blog. The blog began because Utenzil announced intending to release a CD in the fall of 2004. CD was largely assembled, finalized and sent in mid-November 2004, appeared on CD Baby late Nov 2004. In January 2005, the Utenzil CD is available through Tower Records site.
In February 2005, Utenzil is listed on where theUtenzil CD and individual tracks are available for purchase and download.

Things I did well: Hitting my self imposed goal of releasing in the fall. Signing up for CD Baby digital distribution. Shipping my discs to them shortly after signing up. The 12 tracks on the CD is a bonus given the download price, basically 2 tracks for free if you buy the whole CD, and the $0.88 per track is a great price.

Things I did less well: Should've gone first with the Discmakers printed labels but didn't discover that until later.

I will not conjecture whether I "did well" with the music per se, I think it's fine, I enjoy doing it and people either like it or they don't.

My next goal is to release again this year, and then perform some. One thing I really want to do but may not be able to do is to project computer generated imagery along with the music. It is certainly technically feasible but the projectors to do this well are very expensive to rent.


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