Saturday, February 05, 2005

OH boy geeky fun

There is a thing called a "P5 Glove". You can get it at for $25. It is primarily geared towards gaming, and it would appear that it didn't go as successfully as it might have in that arena, but there is also MIDI controller software called P5Midi, freely available for it. So you can put on this glove, point it at an infrared receiver that's connected via USB to your computer, and send midi control information by waving your hand around. You're going to have to search for those terms, sorry, low bandwidth connection at the moment and don't have the links offhand.

Then, you need some way to route that midi info into your MIDI instruments. There is a program available on this site called 'Loopbe1' that will allow routing of midi in this way.

Then, you need some minutes that may turn in to hours of quiet to set up all your MIDI mapping, and then you are waving your hand side to side and panning, up and down and controlling amplitude.

I'll be providing more info on experiments with using this controller in conjunction with Ableton Live.

(edited) links added: Nicolas Fournel, P5 Midi. A fellow who clearly knows alot who has provided a very interesting site with some sound design apps.
VST plugins that provide a variety of interesting spatial effects, and some that are created with this controller in mind.
Link to for P5 glove


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