Friday, January 14, 2005

An interesting poll regarding music and happiness

Time magazine's current issue focuses on Happiness, and includes a poll whose respondents indicate that 55% of women and 52% of men listen to music to improve their mood. Here is the graphic--

Listening to music is the secondmost ranked mood-improving activity for women, the first being talking with family and friends (63% of respondents), however, it is the FIRST ranked mood-improving activity for men.

Other interesting data includes an indication that women would prefer all of the other choices as opposed to having sex to improve their mood, whereas the choice between eating and having sex is pretty much a toss-up for men looking to improve their mood. :-)

In a totally unrelated note, there is a tattoo design named Utenzil available for download! It's a cool design, I've contacted the artist, Phil Merkle, who has some really sharp fantasy artwork to view online as well as tattoo designs, I really like his work and would like to use some as art on my next CD.

In general, if you are into tattoos this looks like a good way to browse a wide selection of designs.


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