Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So I go to my CD Baby account and there is an indication that a new digital distributor has gotten a delivery of the Utenzil CD. To an OMD called "mp3tunes.com".

Ok, well, it usually takes a while, like a loooooong while, for anything to happen with these-- that's ok, I'm sure they get tons of submissions. For grins, I go over to "mp3tunes.com" and search on Utenzil, to see what their "not found" looks like. However, rather than the familiar "Did you mean utensil?" I am greeted by a crisply designed webpage offering the album for sale!

Then, clicking on the album cover takes you to this page, where the individual tracks are available for 88 cents! This is wonderful, this is the way I wanted it to work-- I don't want to make people buy the whole CD unless they want.

MP3Tunes.com Just absolutely fan-tastic.


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