Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New developments!

Ok, I mentioned "big things in the works"... big is relative when you are an obscure artist in a niche genre, but it's really pretty cool:

Also, a Utenzil track was featured on MWS Radio's weekly podcast-- one of my more depressing efforts, from what I'm starting to refer to as my 'recurring blue periods' and many thanks to Matthew Wayne Selznick, the podcaster of that weekly show and the primary force behind MWS Media, for taking a chance on including some music that is more than a little bit off the beaten path.

Also, Utenzil is being promoted on IndieRadioLive (IRL)...

Indie Radio Live...Keeping the World in Tune
Thanks to Kathi and all the great people at IRL, for their dedication to independent music.

Now, dear reader, it might seem somewhat kind of 'show bizzy phony' to be thanking people who have full blown music websites in this out-of-the-way blog, but its like this: you come to realize that things are very confusing when you're dealing with music even on the micro scale that this project is, and things can move in ways and at speeds you don't expect, slow or fast, for good or for bad. Everyone involved with their own music related project, regardless of it's current outwardly perceived success or apparent lack of success, is in kind of an 'embroiled state': anxious, energized, unsure and resolute all at the same time. It helps to know that the connection and contribution is appreciated by anyone who appreciates it.

It's easy for the oak to scoff at the seedling, but we all start somewhere, and acorns often fall on less than ideal soil: it's not about being bigger, it's about continual growth and improvement. I read long ago that Jimi Hendrix would jam with anyone, regardless of their ability, and that's something to always keep in mind.


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