Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Using the P5 glove with Ableton live

I also posted this in the Ableton forum .

The P5 glove is intended as a game controller. It is USB and uses an IR receiver to send movment signals. It slips over the hand, and has function buttons on the back of the glove. You can pick one up here for about $25

Then, you go here: to get some free software that will convert it into a MIDI controller.

Then, you can go here: to get some free software that will convey your signals into Live.

Then, when your glove is installed and loopbe1 is running, you set up your MIDI map for the glove as you will, start up Live, click the MIDI map control, and assign finger and hand movements to faders, panners, whatever.

Practical... maybe yes, maybe no... but it's a lot of fun for under $30.

LOL, i'm sitting here panning a track by waving back and forth, and crossfading by twitching my pinky. This would likely be good for scratching, you can move the controls very quickly by making a mid-air tapping movement with your index finger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got mine up and running long enough to play with it a bit. Didn't do anything more sophisticated than map it to a filter resonance, cutoff and then reverb death. Interesting results though, you can kind of dance some dynamics into your music with it. And everything interacts unless you've got perfect finger control which feels more like playing a real instrument than say manipulating a single continuous controller pedal.


8:07 PM  
Blogger Utenzil said...

Hey, nice site, interesting stuff there...
There are some spatial VSTs on kvr with the P5 in mind that I will be mapping to, there is also "Rejoice" mapping software available for free download on fireballtrailer.com that will map joysticks and other controllers that I'm messing with. You have to hold reaaaallly still and move only the finger you intend to in order to get the right signal from the glove when using an automated MIDI mapping feature like the one in Live.

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