Tuesday, March 01, 2005

MP3Tunes "Top Artist" Placement in Experimental Electronic

This is neat, Utenzil is among the Top Artists on MP3Tunes.com, which also yields a nice placement on the genre/subgenre index page.

Here are some things I've looked into: renting a local performance venue (theatre with seating) for doing a show. To give an idea: the rent is $150 an hour, then there is an LCD projector available that I'd want to use for $75 a day. It seems unlikely you'd be able to get away with less than 2-3 hours. Ok, so $450 hours plus $75 $525 minimum. The venue seats 230. Now, I am considering tickets at $10 a piece which would include a CD, that's a pretty good deal. What I'd *really* like is just to see how it all works, maybe I'll be able to work something out to give it a dry run.


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