Sunday, March 20, 2005

intelligent words about electronic music

if Utenzil could swing it, I'd subscribe to this magazine. to cover the cost of one subscription, I would need to sell about 10 CDs. starting to think in terms of things in units of CDs sold... like bonus miles: 'to *reeeaaaallly* be able to afford to buy this new interface, Utenzil will need to sell 217 CDs'... yeh yeh, then the ol' day job ends up footing the bill :)

There is a Pavlovian response to new gear, and also a feeding frenzy aspect, coupled with a bit of dread: "if *only* I had this new controller/this software/this interface/these mics/this preamp/this sound system... I could rule the world, no-- really: I would be, like-- all the dead rockstars resurrected only, like, much more intellectual and more modern...and if I don't get it... oh my ...nohh.. i will be stuck where I am...Forever.. i will wither, drained, ruined, like a big floating piece of mushy produce, the shelf life of this myriad of micro-brillant meme-lights expired, obsolete before it is laid out as a CD burn project, dashed against the rocks".

anyway, spring is here, and the weather is nicer and nicer, my next thought is to play a free concert in a park nearby.


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