Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Artwork! again it is the sticking point, and other things to fret about

So I have put together my artwork. This time, I am not going the CDR route, I will get CDs pressed. This will cost much more, because a larger lot is required. But, because I plan on playing out, having CDs to sell at performances would be good.

To place such an order remotely, the artwork needs to be put into a template that can be manipulated in one of several very expensive desktop publishing packages. I am fortunate in that I have a relative who works with at least one of these packages, and has it. So I have sent my artwork away along with the templates, to have it imported into this software.

And this is where the "other people in the project" thing comes into play. When you introduce other people into the project, there is a built in time-cost overhead. Of course, I should not complain because this is being done for no dollar cost. But it is a little nerve wracking, because the artwork is a dependency for the project's completion, and I will not be able to get it done until the artwork is done.

There are other things that I fret about. For example, my website is not lavish but I don't necessarily want it to be lavish, either. My thought is that a band website should reflect the project, it should be no more or no less than what the artist/band is. Not pretentious, mainly informative, minimal and entertaining. If you go to the Utenzil site, you can get a free download and there are links to several purchase sites. There's a guestbook. There are not a whole lot of graphics, I want the pages to load quickly.

I've seen some band sites for unsigned artists that are very slick that provide lots of pictures and give a fair amount of info, but no downloadable music, this is not particularly helpful.


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