Saturday, April 02, 2005

is blogging stupid? depends... fear of blogging is stupid, though.

A thought crossed my mind about blogging. Here's the thing-- if i am able to encapsulate my 'thesis', my outlook, my philosophy of life in this blog in a way that might illuminate, uplift and inform: then what?

Mostly what I've done is go over a process which is pretty mundane, mostly obvious and easily understood. It's stupid, really-- of course you do this and then that, and then once you've done that you do this and send it to the people who do that thing over there.

But anyway, here are some ideas, sort of plausible perceptions, that hardly anyone will read.

There is a Jungian notion of a collective unconscious, shared by all humans. This unconscious in my way of thinking of it is that vast pool of nothing yet everything that lies underneath our dreamselves. Your dreamself is what you experience in dreams, not just the point of view you experience in dreams but the entire simulated milieu that you experience, because of course it's all being generated by you in an unconscious state.

Now if you think that people are just organisms, and brains are organic circuits, then you don't really buy the whole collective unconscious concept, because there is no physical organic biochemical connection.

My thought is that connections between living things, particularly people, are not simply physical organic biochemical. There are energy fields that our circuitry emits, and those fields intersect. The thing that allows one to conjecture this way is that there have been things that have been conceived as existing that could not be measured, and later the technology to measure the objects indicated in the concepts has come about and they were revealed as being mostly real.

So we have fields within fields, interlocking or at least intersecting, and interacting. Tbe things that we're about to see, and haven't seen yet, and don't have any idea that we're going to see them or know them, they are making their way towards us, or moving around us, or us towards them. That movement disturbs the fields through which things travel, and of course those things emit fields as well, and there is knowledge inherent in the fields, that is "data" which causes a transmittal of foreknowledge as the fields pass along vibrations. There is some waveform nature to these fields, or maybe it's some construct that is functionally equivalent to a waveform given the model being discussed, but the overall concept is that these fields intersect, interlock and influence one another like magnetic fields, and as such larger fields influence those objects that move through their intersection because of the influence exerted by their waveforms' compressions and rarefractions.

Now, there is some complexity, some classification of these field emitting things, and it is extremely rich. One of it's characteristics is an affinity that the field emitting things have. These affinities are multidimensional. So if you think of the energy of these fields as travelling through the objects, being passed along, like the energy of one of those desktop toys where the hanging steel balls clack into one another, only the balls in question are these field emitting things lined up along many different axes, then you get an idea of how one ball clicking into another causes its 'vibratory encoded data' to travel through the 'milieu of field emitting things'.

The tapestry of vibrations in this milieu of field emitting things is the collective unconscious. It cannot be measured because we are unable to stand outside of this milieu. But if we attune ourselves by being still, our own fields are dampened and we can get closer to perceiving this and expressing it somehow. It's my thought that people who create art have their fields innately dampened in some sense, so they do not drown out the vibrations from the milieu, and at the same time these objects with dampened fields influence the milieu such that an affinity between them is created. So if we consider that an infinite spectrum of waveforms is possible, the everything that ever emitted a field still resonates in some distant harmonic at some miniscule amplitude.

Because of this odd things occur. Things we perceive as odd, or being oddly coincidental.

Now if you believe in God, consider that the laws that govern the nature and behavior of these fields are a subset of God, and that because of the consistent nature of these fields nothing can happen that is somehow not in accord with that nature, or will. Our thoughts are influenced or even triggered by these vibrations, manifestations occur that are perceived as the personification of the undefinable, immesurable nature of these fields. So coincidences occur, strange ones-- possibly, seemingly for a purpose. We can attune our perceptions to the perturbations in the milieu of intersecting fields. Sometimes our conscious choices that we believe to be very important are not at all, and sometimes they are more important than we'd dare imagine because they cause perturbation on several dimensions of the intersecting fields.


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