Wednesday, April 20, 2005

free wi-fi, more and more. artwork moving somewhat

WiFi/WiMax is good. Free, even, is better, wonderful even.

The artwork is moving a little, not too much yet. People seem to like to make things harder for one another nowadays, I'm not sure why that is so, but it is very difficult to get some things done that seem rather straightforward.

Like, you want to play in a park. You have to get permission, maybe a 'permit' but definitely permission. There may or may not be the 'porta potty' issue, rules and regulations of the park, etc.. So you begin to think maybe there is some value you provide, or maybe you're just irritating people. These are not bad things, or huge obstacles, mainly limits to work within.

All along the way there are people who might faciliate you, or may not. One thing for sure is that once you get it done, there will be people who will take full advantage of a free concert and it can be fun. If it's just you, some random humanoid, wanting to do something, it is not as easy as it could be.


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