Tuesday, May 31, 2005

not much of the blogger lately, sorry

So I played out at an open mic at Jammin' Java in Vienna VA.

It was fun, they have a nice house system, the atmosphere is nice, the coffee is really good, the crowd is mixed in age and generally attentive. Most of the other performers were solo acoustic guitar and voice, one four piece traditional Celtic-flavored folk group, a piano player/singer, a blues harpist with a very elaborate wireless mic and amplification system, whose animated style of performance was thrown into sharp relief by most of the rest of the performers, who were, uh, more statically inclined.

I had an eight minute track, this was to be my sole offering for my slot, but they had some time for me to fill so I got to that plus an abbreviated mix of a track from my CD.

I generally like it, I want to get booked there, I'll try first as an opener.


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