Monday, May 09, 2005

Long time, no post...

I am told artwork is imminent. There is a particular template that is needed to submit artwork to the duplicator, and one of a list of expensive graphics programs is needed to finalize the template. Fortunately, someone who is one of my favorite people in the world has this program, out on the west coast, and is working when possible on putting this together. It's taking longer than I'd planned because I don't know anything about making graphics look really good, which involves getting the right resolution and color balance for a commercial printing press, but I hope to have a first look this week.

Meanwhile, there was a mishap-- external disk drive burnt out, because I was not careful enough about which power supply I was plugging into it. The data on it is lost, which is a shame, but not horrible, because the Ableton set files I was using for the tracks are on my internal drive.

So I hope to set up the reproduction of the second Utenzil release very soon.

Another bit of good news, the first disc is now available on pretty neat.


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