Tuesday, May 17, 2005

a brief foray with a performance

I played a two song open mic set, it was fun. There was a drag waiting for the prog to load up (lots of VSTs) but this was because the set schedule had shifted slightly and I fired up the notebook a bit too early, so had to shut it down (next time I'll sit next to an outlet while waiting, to avoid wasting battery, and also make sure that the notebook is fully charged).

My first track went great, people seemed happy. I got a little too bold because of that, and played something a little more CPU intensive than the track I had planned... it started to glitch, hard, so I basically munged it with the start offset marker, flying around in the track, wasting the beat. It was... not as well accepted, but they will have me back, and I will be more careful next time.

The lesson there is: stay with the plan, the plan is good.


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