Monday, June 13, 2005

updates, info, so far...

My laptop config is the same. Currently using Live 4.1.4. I've also added Plogue Bidule and FLStudio 5. The amount of things I can do with just this combination is staggering.

Scores of free VSTs downloaded from, some donationware that I've donated for because I use it a fair amount. Smartelectronix is one group I use a lot, Krakli another.

I've also gotten into Synthedit, and messed around a little, creating some very trivial effects VSTs-- still fun, though.

Purchased VSTs/other include: Voxengo Soniformer and Voxengo Elephant, for mastering. Silverspike's Tapeit, for recording to .wav on the fly. Loopbe1 from, virtual midi cable, very convenient.

The levels on the new disc are much more "commercial". I've got a lot of tracks, 75 minutes of music, which definitely will not play on some players, so I'll have to note that. So far, doing a better on MP3 downloads than physical CD sales. As a privately held corporation, all of my sales figures, are, of course, not public information-- and they really aren't even known to me, because the online MP3 vendors report sales at different intervals: seems to be quarterly, but maybe not.


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