Monday, June 20, 2005

this week's update

As stated earlier, I'm not much of a blogger, but for you, dear reader, I think I should commit to at least weekly updates. Some good things have happened recently:

Played an outdoor gig this weekend, yesteday 6/20, at a local park about 45 minutes west of Washington DC. It was sparsely attended, which was kind of a drag, but it went well, the sound system was very strong, brought huge kick (the technical term is "booty bass") and so I went with my material that leveraged that. Did some weirder stuff, and played some minimal guitar riffs along with tunes that previously had no guitar, which was kind of a daring experiment because I haven't even picked up my guitar in over a month, but it went ok.

Another thing I did that was generally unusual was to run a submix from on stage. This was partly because I wanted to have more control, and partly because I wanted to insert some effects. Yeh, it's not so 'pro' but I'm kind of a control freak when it comes to the sound. So I went into a PV8 mixer and out into 2 DI boxes, where the guitar and computer output were mixed in the PV8. I had a separate vocal mic, going into the main board, which I barely used for singing and which I kind of wish I had, the fact is that the slot was set for an hour, I had plenty of instrumental material and was having fun playing the guitar, and I didn't really feel like singing as well because of the sparse attendance (I'm pretty much a shy sad sack). Next time, I will, now that I've got my setup down better and have a good comfort level with the sound system and engineer.

It's a very pleasant little park, mostly just a nice expanse of flat green with a few benches around the edges. This was on Father's Day, also, and what did make me really happy was to see my kids and other kids playing in the field. I called out "Hi" from the stage to my two little ones. After the show my son ran up to tell me "good job" and give me a high five, and when I said goodnight to my daughter that night I asked her how she liked the music, and she whispered with the most wistful smile "Daddy, you said 'hi' to me."

can't say more than that.


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