Thursday, June 23, 2005

Second disc, first steps

I've registered the second disc, titled "Building The Wheel Called Electricity" with CDBaby. It's got 14 tracks, the first had 12. I will be selling it for a price where even when you add shipping, it still works out to be less than a typical brick and mortar store purchase, but it will be more than the $8.88 that MP3tunes charges for the MP3 version.

Another thing I need to do is "promo CD pre-release lowcost" singles. I will take a limited number of these to open mics, charge a nominal fee or if the mood strikes me as giveaways.

Also, last open mic I played got a very nice response, even though some technical difficulties occurred. I think that people don't mind so much, but I feel I need to get better at getting onto the stage and setting up quickly and getting the first track off cleanly.


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